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I’ve been dying for a massage for a while now and this place popped up on Group on Now! – $29 for an hour massage. It was a good deal so I gave the place a try. The exterior of the building is nothing special, but the interior is lovely. The front office staff were really friendly.


I didn’t have to wait too long before Cherie (sp?) came out to get me. The massage room itself is pretty sparse, nothing fancy, but this isn’t a spa so that’s understandable. I changed out of my clothes, got on the table, and to my surprise got one of the best massages I’ve had in a long while.


One thing I found strange was Cherie never asked me if I wanted her to concentrate on any particular spots nor did she check with me if the pressure was okay. It all worked out fine because the

massage was great & she hit all the spots at the right pressure – I just thought it was weird

she didn’t ask beforehand.


Then again maybe she can just tell? Also, the A/C in the room was on kind of high so the room was pretty chilly. Overall, it was great experience, though. The massage was well worth the price I paid & I tipped heavily. I’d definitely go back if it showed up on Group on again.

Victoria Y. via Yelp.com


This place is great! Wow! Two visits in and already my back and neck feel so much better. They whole staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The massage therapist have hands of gold! The place is clean

and inviting.


Plus they worked with my crappy insurance to help me barely pay anything! If you want a place to get healthy… Go to Harbor Spine & Wellness!

Tim L. via Yelp.com


The best care ever from Dr. Tran to the staff, including the front desk and especially Sherry the masseuse. It is incredible the way I feel every time I get out of there.

Porfirio via Google Places


I purchased a Group on Now! for a 60 minute massage at Harbor Spine & Wellness. Reviews elsewhere on the internet were very good, and the price really couldn’t be beat. I had finished up two classes ahead of schedule, so I figured this would be a nice way to reward myself.


Oh. Mygosh. This was the BEST massage I have EVER had.


I have gotten my fair share of professional massages (both expensive and cheap) at spas, massage parlors, fancy gyms, etc. They ranged from being OK to pretty useless. I have had huge knots in my shoulder area for as long as I can remember, but none of my massages have ever REALLY gotten rid of the knots. Most masseuses wouldn’t even try.


They would just go through their 60 minute or 90 minute long routine, not really attune to how MY muscles were, and within a day (or even hours after my massage) I would acutely feel my shoulders tightening up again. Why did I keep getting massages? Because for the hour or so they were working on me, it (usually) felt pretty good.


Cherie was different. She started her routine and immediately asked me how long I’ve had the knots in my shoulder. I was surprised because nobody had ever asked me before. I told her that I couldn’t

really remember.


She mentioned that the knots in my left shoulder were so tight that it was making the height of my shoulder’s uneven. Again I was surprised because, while six or so years ago I had noticed my shoulders weren’t straight, I had assumed it was just the way I was built.


Forty or so minutes later (after having masterfully gone over the rest of my body) she started focusing on my shoulders. Patiently, she worked out all but one of my knots, which she couldn’t finish simply because she ran out of time.


(Keep in mind that I’d had these knots for many years and they were HUGE.) The process wasn’t painful. The end result was wonderful: MY SHOULDERS ARE EVEN NOW.


Two days later and I’m STILL feeling relaxed and soft. It’s amazing. Absolutely. Amazing. That alone

is worth 5 stars to me. But it gets better because the experience surrounding my massage was

also wonderful.


While the exterior of the building isn’t much to look at, the interior was quite nice. They had coffee, water, and snacks available for clients. They also had one of the most beautiful fish tanks I have ever seen in the waiting area (it’s not huge, but it’s decorated with natural vegetation and the fish are

simply mesmerizing).


The staff was very friendly and nice, both on the phone and in person. The entire facility was extremely clean. The massage room was simple but beautiful.


Their regular prices are a little bit pricey for me (but not unusually so for a professional massage), but I’m already reworking my budget to try and get in here once a month. They also offer chiropractic services, courtesy of the owner, which I’d like to try some time.


The only thing that sounds better than an amazing massage is an amazing massage PLUS a back readjustment. Eeeeeee I’m super excited just thinking about it!


Bottom line is this place (and Cherie!) is fantastic. I got, by far, the best massage of my life here and I am in MUCH better condition / spirits because of it!

Abra W. via Yelp.com


I play hockey and sometimes my back gets pretty messed up from games. I have gone here a few times for massage and they have totally helped me out with the back pain.

Derek via Google Places


Ahhhh is all I have to say! Place didn’t look exceptional from the outside, I was used to a high end day spa at the local hotel but oh was I wrong! I save money and am happy with the services.


The place is very nice on the inside and the staff is wonderful, don’t let the location in a center dissuade you they will make sure you leave saying “ahhh” and feeling well balanced again.

Nicole via Google Places


They treat you very good here. I come here every so often for adjustments when my back is in pain from either heavy lifting or just sleeping the wrong way. Dr. Tran will make sure you are well taken

care of.

Kevin via Google Places


I am very happy with my massage and acupuncture treatments at Harbor Spine & Wellness. Wish I could go more often but I am always left with peace and relaxation after a treatment. After a slip and fall my back was in knots and now I feel fantastic!

Stephanie via Google Places


Dr. Tran is professional, caring, and talented. I was concerned about the ability to truly help my back with chiropractic and BOY was a wrong. His staff is always pleasant and helpful. I should have listened to my grandmother a long time ago =)

Kim via Google Places


Not only was the staff at this facility professional, but they were friendly and understanding as well. My boyfriend and I were T-boned in a car accident back in January 2010. We began chiropractic treatment and I also started massage therapy.


To be honest, both of us were somewhat skeptic to chiropractic practices, however after the very

first session we could tell a difference. Over the following 3 months, Dr. Tran had us feeling 100

times better.


Rosa, the massage therapist also did wonders for my back. I would recommend this place to anybody. I know and do plan on getting continuing treatment in the future. They are the real deal.

Max via Google Places


WoW!! Harbor Spine & Wellness is a great place to come and get Chiropractic care, the front office staff was awesome and the therapeutic massages are even better, I recommend their services to everyone.

Khloe Rose via Google Places


Harbor Spine & Wellness is a great place to be when your back is hurting i went a couple of weeks ago and the staff was wonderful and really friendly the doctor was a great person and i would refer anyone here.

Red Rose via Google Places


When I started coming to Harbor Spine & Wellness, my symptoms included headaches, stiff neck, and low back pain. Today I am feeling better than ever! I recommend Harbor Spine & Wellness to anyone who wants improved health!

Big Mike via Google Places


Friendly staff that always keeps me feeling good! I feel horrid when my back goes out of wack and I instantly feel better.

Sarah via Google Places

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